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When inquiring about our timing services, please considering some detail below that will help us best determine the best quote for your race.

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Date of Event 

This helps determine if Eagle Timing is available.  Our race listing schedule can help in determining possible availability.  If we have a race scheduled for a particular date, we may be able to provide timing for your event depending upon our available personnel.  We also partner with other trusted timing companies, including:  A Rat Race, and Score Your Race.   You might consider Eagle Timing for helping you select a date for your race.  One important consideration is to strive to schedule your race on a consistent basis, such as "the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend", "the third Sunday in March", "Sunday before Thanksgiving".  This helps avoid conflict with other races and allows new races to better find a slot in the calendar that afford them the least conflict.


5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, etc, or any other distance.  Multiple distances?  Road race, cross country, mudder event, obstacle course, bike event, etc.


State/city/town.  Venue site - park, school, track, etc.  Typically, the finish line requires the most planning and effort for us to provide your successful timing services.

On-Line Registration

Eagle Timing encourages you to use our services. We have partnered with a PCI-compliant registration services.  We do all of the set up of your race.  Take advantage of some of the features including setting up teams, early and late registration fees, discount codes, even a voluteer section!  See our races that are currently set-up for on-line registration.


Eagle Timing works on a value model which is where aside from providing effective basic timing services, but we also leverage our extensive 40 years of running industry experience.   When looking for the lowest price, we encourage you to seek other timers that employ a cost model type of business.

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